Monday, June 15, 2009

Camera Bag/ Sunglasses holder

Forgive this post (one of my firsts!) Pics are really tiny!

For our anniversary last year, my in-laws got us a fantastic camera. As this was 7 months ago, I know we are tempting fate by not having a camera-bag, and taking that thing everywhere! We are headed to San Diego this week, and I figured it was time to take care of business. I had been looking at camera cases casually, but was horrified at all the black techy zipper stuff. Yuck! Anyways, whipped this little guy together in about 30 minutes.

2 in. piece velcro (front and back)
Inner fabric - 2 pieces each cut the size you need your finished bag to be
Outer Fabric - 2 pieces each cut the same as the Inner
2 small pieces fabric for the flap - as wide as your bag will be, as long as you want

I started by sewing one side of the velcro to one side of my flap pieces. Once I sewed it, I made the flap by sewing the 2 pieces right sides together, with the velcro sandwiched in the middle.

I sewed the top flap pieces (right sides together , with the velcro on the inside) into the flap shape.

So now I have the flap (turned right side out, pressed, and top-stitched), my inner lining (I didn't want to deal with batting, so I used a cool funky chenille). I sewed the lining into the size I needed to hold the camera, and cut my outer fabric to match. ( I needed 3x5), so I have 2 pieces of 3x5 outer fabric. Sew the outer pieces on 3 sides (right sides together).

Along about this point I realized I would want a strap on it, so I threw in a piece of grosrgrain, too!
Here are all of the pieces, ready to be pinned together.

I pressed in the seams at the top of the inner pouch, and the outer.

I pinned everything, as I would sew it.

Then, I topstitched around the top, removing the pins as I sewed.

This is the almost finished product. I just added a few pieces of velcro to the ribbon, so i could attach it to the stroller, or my wrist,or whatever.
Voila! And much cuter than the"Best-Buy Special!"

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