Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Top Week

So, MadeByRae is hosting Spring Top Week. I have been sewing for roughly 15 years. It has been at least 14 since I sewed anything for myself. Anything. Hubs has been driving me crazy for a year to sew him "sweat-pads". Ewww, I know. But other than that, all of my sewing has been for the under 4' set.

So, I decided it was time.

Can't be that hard, right?

Well, I started with McCalls 5338 (pics on that to come)

It looks like a nightie. Maybe it doesn't help that I used an actual bedsheet as the body. Vintage. But still...

I decided to give Rae's last year top a try. With mods. I've been obsessed with Bias Tape lately. So, I made all of this wonderful lady-bug chandelier bias tape yesterday to use as straps, and the top of the bodice. Somebody else thought it was pretty wonderful, too. And yummy. Slobbered all of my pressing right out of it.

The look on her face. "Who? Me?"

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