Friday, May 14, 2010

Hiring a decorator. Ummm, no.....

Hmmm, maybe you noticed the "Spice up Your Kitchen" button I posted. Recently I've been a little unsatisfied with our house. Not our house- our household decor. If you can call baby dolls and laundry decor. I really don't feel as if this house reflects who we are. Not that we really have visitors anyways, but isn't a house supposed to be your sanctuary? Our living room is just so brown. I'm finally motivated to take my crafting skills and put them to use. I recently bought this Krylon paint in several colors. Fun!

I am excited to try to spruce up the old abode, and when I saw this over at Noodleheads, I thought "Why Not?!" Let's go!
How about you? Does some area of your life need revamped? What are you waiting for?
Get going! Have fun!


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