Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tutorial: Ruffle Butt Bloomers

Problem #1: We cloth diaper at our house. Most of the time, anyways. I love those little dress and bloomer sets sold at warehouse stores, or even Target. However, I'm finding that those tiny bloomers don't accomodate Ruby's fluffy tushy.
Problem #2: We have beautiful granite tile counter tops. With a very rough edge. All of my shirts look like this. I refuse to spend more than 5 dollars on a shirt. I have seriously worn this shirt twice. Seriously.

Solution: Women's t-shirt to baby bloomers! With an awesome short-cut!

First, I cut out the holey part. (giggle, giggle) Cut across the top where you would like the top of the bloomers to be. Mine is about 7 inches from the bottom. I also pressed the top down about an inch. I always use spray starch when sewing knits. It make them a lot less slippery, bendy, and generally unruly.
Next I cut across the top in successive strips (omitting the pocket). I ended up with four 1" strips (picture shows two 2" strips, before I cut them in half.) Switch to a ball-point needle. Your regular needle will wreck knits. Trust me. A four pack is like 2.59. You will thank me.

I ruffled the strips with my sewing machine tension set to way loose, and thread length super long. (I love doing this!!)

I tacked down 3 of the strips on each side (not sure yet if I would use the fourth strip). I then stretched the ruffles to fit, while sewing them right across the gathering stitch with a zig-zag stitch)

Turn them back inside out, and sew the crotch together. DO NOT sew all the way down to the sleeve hem. You will use this little casing to thread the elastic through.

I used 1/4 in braided elastic in both the waistband, and the leg casing. Thread through, sewing the elastic securely together, then sewing the leg casings shut. Do the same with the waistband, finishing the opening where you inserted the elastic. Don't worry if it's not perfect, your baby won't care!

Enjoy the day. You could totally personalize these, with an applique of your choice. They took me about an hour, but I had all three kids at home today. And one had strep. Ugh. If I could've muscled through, I would say these are a 45 minute project. Even ommiting the ruffles would seriously shave down on the construction time. You could use some really cool shirts to give these some extra flair!

PS, I used the last ruffle to make this super cute flower headband! It took me less than 5 minutes!


calicodaisy said...

Sweet! Great instructions and re-use of a worn or ruined t-shirt! -- michele

julia said...

love it so cute:)

Shannon said...

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PatriciaRaeDesigns said...

I will be making these tomorrow thanks so much for sharing

Amanda- http://patriciaraedesigns.blogspot.com/

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com said...

So sweet! If you'd like, link up to Make It Wear It on TheTrainToCrazy.com!

Jennifer said...

You totally just made my day with this tutorial. I am having a baby girl this August whom I will cloth diaper. I have been looking for a pattern to make her ruffly as ever! This is my last baby, so we're doing her up good. :)

Thank you!!

RJ @ A Life Designed said...

Those are so cute!

LiLa said...

realy sweet..baby too :)) 3 children and you have free time..süper ..

burcu küçükturan said...

its so wonderfull. amazing.. thank you for share this with people..ı will do it for my best friends girl..you can look at my blog..byee..

Bahar YORGUN said...

so lovely!! great..
love from Turkey