Monday, May 17, 2010

Mail Organizer? Male Organizer!

So- my hubs is very organized. As in "balances his checkbook everyday" organized. Who does that? I don't even have a check-book register. I definitely fall in that "artistic, creative, unorganized" type. Some call it sloppy. It drives the husband crazy. I mean it is the single most troublesome thing in our relationship. Most people fight about money, or lovin'. Not us, man. My husband is a happy man if he can open our linen closet and not be pummeled with an avalanche of towels. So Noodleheads post for today could really be put to use at our house. I actually think I have most of these supplies on hand (is that weird?) And our mail and miscellanous papers totally accumulate all over the kitchen. I think I'll make the labels say "Mail" and "File". And I just got a half yard set of Wonderland's Momo to play with. My kitchen does have reds and greens, so I think it'll work.

I'll keep you posted! (No pun intended! )


libellula said...

this is Barbara from Italy
I like your crafts
can you tell me where to find this wonderful fabrics?
thank you

Shannon said...

I got this half yard set from Ruth id wonderful to work with, but I'm not sure about interbational shipping...Thanks for reading!